My friend Eric Karlsson climbing a beautiful fridgesque problem from last weekends Houdini Boulder BloKCout called Färskpressat, 6B+. 

I’m gunna throw my opinion out there, but this is not cool.  If you need 18inch tick marks to see obvious holds maybe you should stick to the gym. 
I’m not saying all tick marks are bad, but that is clearly excessive, and I would be embarrassed to post this if it was my friends and a photo I took.

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Chris Sharma


copyright Emma R J Wood.

Cul de Chien, Fontainebleau. Acrylic on canvas, 20” x 8”

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Triassic, Utah

Golden boulders at sunset

I’m so ready for the fall….

The hard work is easy, but it takes courage to rest. In an era when everyone thinks that more and harder is better few are brave enough to step back, to tell friends, “I’m taking it easy today.”
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Sam Johnson at the crux on “Chaos” V8, Big Bend, Moab, Utah

There is nothing on earth I miss more than the desert on a cold day.  Snow on the ground, clear sunny skies, crisp air and red rocks.  Perfect.

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Bad spotting … good spotting. Help out a fellow climber and check out our spotting article to learn the fundamentals :D

But the second photo is bad spotting too.

The spotters hands should be ready to push on the climber’s center of mass, down around his hips.  He couldn’t possibly help the climber!

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Idiot Wind with #mrshilton. #climbing #sanrafaelswell #trad #travel #utah #iloveutah #iloveclimbing #dylanwall #outdoorlife

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Pebble wrestling with #mrjette. #littlecottonwoodcanyon #bouldering #climbing #utah #gate #outdoorlife #saltlakecity #slc

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